Frequently Asked Questions

What is GME?

Graduate medical education (GME) refers to the three to seven years resident physicians spend training at teaching hospitals and their associated ambulatory settings after completing their medical degree. Physicians cannot begin to practice independently until they complete this training and pass additional national licensure exams.

What is Osteopathic Recognition?

Osteopathic Recognition is a designation conferred by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) on GME training programs that are committed to teaching osteopathic principles and practices at a graduate level.

What will it cost to apply?

There are no application fees. There may be costs associated depending on infrastructure and faculty availability.

How can I apply?

Under the new single GME accreditation system, your program will apply for Osteopathic Recognition through the ACGME. Your peers whose programs have achieved Osteopathic Recognition have found the process to be straightforward in terms of time and resources. Resources to guide you through applying for Osteopathic Recognition can be found on the ACGME website.

How can I find programs with Osteopathic Recognition?

Find all programs that currently have Osteopathic Recognition here.

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